Achieving balance - modifying a chin can make a big difference in profile

An important element in the assessment of the face and nose is the chin. Patients who want a nose reduction are often surprised during the consultation when surgeon suggests a chin augmentation with implants. Obviously, the reason for this is that a small inconspicuous chin can give the illusion of a larger nose than it actually is.

Assessment of the shape and size of the chin

During the clinical examination, the most important view is from the side, i. e. profile. Generally speaking, the vertical line starting from the edge of the lower lip should touch the chin. If the tip of the chin is behind that imaginary line, chin augmentation may be needed to achieve facial balance. Contrary, if the chin is in front of the vertical, chin reduction (reduction mentoplasty) comes into consideration.

Chin augmentation can be done independently, or in the same act as nose surgery. As a matter of fact, it can also be done with a facelift, liposuction of the face or neck or some other procedures on the face.

As a relatively minor operation, chin augmentation makes a big difference in the surgical result, even that no major changes need to be made to the nose. In this way, we still improve the harmony of the face.

Povećanje Brade Silikonskim Implantom
Improvement of the profile vertical nose-chin line after the procedure.

Before and after the procedure

We improve the shape and projection of the small chin with an implant made of a special surgical (most often silicone) or similar material that is adapted to natural tissues.

The procedure is very safe, and uses material that has been proven in practice for a long time. The implant comes in different sizes and shapes. Specifically, we make selection according to the shape of the chin and the desired changes. In the Polyclinic, we most often use implants from the American company Implantech®. Surgeon performs the operation through a small skin incision in the natural crease under the chin.

Kirurski Pristup Za Implant Brade
Surgical access through a small inconspicuous incision under the chin.

Thereafter, we make a small space in the form of a pocket through which the implant is placed. Lastly, the incision is carefully sutured.

After the procedure, the patient wears a chin corset for several days. Minor swelling or a feeling of stretching is possible, which stops after a few days. It must be remembered it is necessary to avoid hitting the operated area and taking food that requires too much chewing.

Povecanje Brade Implantom Prije I Poslije
Patient before and after chin augmentation and submental liposuction.

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