Talking to a doctor is an ideal opportunity to get any possible information regarding your reason for coming, including a detailed consultation and price list of our services. At the Polyclinic, we believe that a detailed conversation without time pressure and full communication helps to remove the fear of a possible operation or other procedure.

The typical length of a consultation is 45 minutes, a time that in our experience leaves enough time to introduce our team to the patient. It consists of a detailed conversation with a doctor about a specific issue with the possibility of questions and answers. In some situations, we are aware that more than one visit may be needed/desirable. In this sense, we inform and motivate patients to the possibility of another independent consultation (second opinion).

In exceptional cases, we can also perform your consultation online, via Skype, WhatsApp or in another suitable way. Due to the limitations of these communication channels, it is necessary to discuss this possibility with the Polyclinic before.


You can arrange your consultation in Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 284 by calling (+385) 1- 2304-532 or sending an inquiry to e-mail

Graz, Austria

We have recently been present in Austria as well! Since 2017 year Dr. Džepina is also active in Graz, Republic of Austria, where he has his own practice within the Aesthetik Center Dr. Arco, Brauquartier 7, 8055 Graz. Currently, this practice is focused exclusively on cosmetic head and neck surgery. All interested patients from Austria can arrange a consultation by sending an inquiry to or by phone: +43316835757.