Aesthetic threads in skin lifting



Aesthetic threads and non-surgical face lifting is the best alternative to true surgical facelifting. We perform it by lifting and tightening the tissues of different regions of the face and neck with specially designed threads.

Markedly, aesthetic threads are one of the modality that we call non-surgical face and neck lifting. Particularly, the idea is to raise and fix tissue in an aesthetically more favorable position.


At the present time, APTOS Threads (short for anti-ptosis) for skin lifting are a popular method by which to achieve revitalization and improvement of the quality of the skin of the face and body without surgery and scarring. Given these points, we consider the method minimally invasive with a short recovery time.

In short, APTOS is a combination of aesthetic threads and application methods.

The threads material is disposable resorbable surgical suture. Correspondingly, they have found application in lifting, ie tightening, contouring and filling the skin of the face and body. The composition of the thread consists of poly-L lactic acid in combination with caprolactone – P(LA/LC). PLLA increases collagen synthesis. In essence, absorption period lasts 1.5 – 2 years.

Lifting nitima


  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • It is performed under local anesthesia
  • The duration of the procedure is 30-45 minutes
  • Immediate visible results
  • Minimum recovery time
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Increases microcirculation
  • Long lasting effects
  • 3rd generation of threads with hyaluronic acid


Chiefly, it is contouring of the cheekbones, eyebrows, chin/neck and jaw line.

Additionally, it should be emphasized that lately there has been a demand for threading intervention in the eye region. Ocasionally, in some cases we perform this vague alternative to the real surgical correction of the eyelids – blepharoplasty.


Lifting lica estetskim nitima

Overall, there are several techniques and methods of applying APTOS threads: Visage Excellence, Light Lift and Nano method.

Basically, Visage Excellence uses resorbable threads with specially designed multi-directional hooks. The hooks provide greater strength after insertion. The design of the threads makes them effective, and we do the lifting procedure with an atraumatic round-tip cannula, thus avoiding bleeding and swelling after the procedure. Areas of application are cheekbones, eyebrows, chin/neck and jaw line.

Lifting estetskim nitima prije i nakon tretmana
Before and atfer treatment, APTOS Threads

The Light Lift method and threads are available in resorptive and non-resorptive form. There are three ways, ie. Light Lift methods:

  • Needle method that allows tightening the chin or lifting the eyebrows with just one stitch
  • Thread method that allows tightening of the eyebrows, eyelids, middle part of the face (midface) and chin, using multiple stitches
  • Linea method useful in tightening the middle and lower part of the face and neck.

Nano Excellence and Spring methods, in addition to already mentioned benefits of Excellence methods, stimulate the growth of collagen that regenerates the skin. Spring method uses resorbable threads that are spirally wrapped around the blunt tips of the cannula. Threads retain their elasticity even after insertion and greatly reduce the visibility and formation of deep wrinkles on the face. Areas of application are marionette lines, nasolabial folds, glabellar wrinkles, wrinkles above the upper lip, wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows, nose and lips contouring.