Ambient of the Polyclinic

Our Polyclinic is located in the Almeria Business Center, at the intersection of Heinzelova street and Ulica grada Vukovara Street.

Proximity of the Polyclinic and plenty of parking space for your car secures comfortable access. Parking is possible inside the building at the ground level, as well as in the adjacent parking lot of Lidl and Superkonzum stores, where free parking is possible in enough time to complete your consultation and even short treatment.

We can offer medical services in plastic and reconstructive surgery, otorhinolaryngology and selected procedures of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Eksterier Polijklinika. Dr. Davor Dzepina Ulica Grada Vuovara 284

The ambient of the Polyclinic ensures work in a pleasant, quiet and discreet environment.

Poliklinika Dr. Džepina Eksterijer

We adjust our working hours to the needs of the patient with double working hours, AM and PM, and by separating the outpatient and operative programs.

Interijer Poliklinike Dr. Dzepina

As a specialized medical entity, the architecture of the Polyclinic is arranged according to standards for medical – surgical facilities. We meet the strictest criteria for professional and competent work. The Polyclinic is equipped with operating room (OR) and for postoperative recovery space for our patients.

Ambulanta Poliklinika Dr. Dzepina

All members of our medical-professional team have many years of professional experience and a scientific – university background. This competence is also based on continuous training at clinics and universities in Europe and the worldwide.

We are organized in a multidisciplinary manner, and if necessary, mutual consultation is carried out according to the type of problem, ie. medical diagnoses. Cooperation has also been expanded with cooperating institutions (Polyclinic Poliderma, Polyclinic Lacić).

Of course, all this would not be possible without the high ethical principles that each of us applies in practice.

Ambulanta Poliklinika Dr. Dzepina Ulica Grada Vukovara 284 Zagreb
Additional services

In the immediate vicinity of the Polyclinic there is a medical laboratory where it is possible to do a complete medical preparation for surgery or a other medical examinations related or unrelated to our service.

You can also pick up any prescription drugs or other medical products at a nearby pharmacy.