Aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery reshapes the normal structures of the face and body as the external appearance improves and consequently affects the psychological satisfaction of the patient.


Head and neck

  • Nose correction – rhinoplasty
  • Revision (secondary) nose correction
  • Eyebrow correction – blepharoplasty (including eyebrow lifting)
  • Correction of outstanding and malformed ears – otoplasty
  • Reconstruction of the face and neck – facelift (and variations of lifting individual parts of the face – temporal lift, midface lift, neck lift)
  • Chin and face implants – implants
  • Liposuction and lipofilling – transfer of own adipose tissue – liposuction
  • Gender affirmation surgery (transfeminine, transmasculine) – is performed multidisciplinary in a team that includes a plastic surgeon. The goal of this surgery is to achieve the individual physical appearance and functional characteristics of the gender that the patient feels belongs to. There are many procedures grouped as transwomen (MTF) and transmen (FTM) that help achieve this goal.
  • Lip correction (lip lift)


  • Breast correction (including implant augmentation, sagging breast augmentation, defect reconstruction, and areola surgery)
  • Correction of gynecomastia (reduction of the mammary gland) in men
  • Abdominoplasty (reconstruction of the abdominal wall)
Jacques Jospeh, otac plastične kirurgije

Jacques Joseph (nee Jakob Lewin Joseph), 1865-1934, the father of modern facial plastic surgery.