Aesthetic medicine

In aesthetic medicine we introduce treatments that we call non-invasive procedures, because we do it with the use of local anesthesia or without it. In reality, they are performed in an outpatient setting, without major preparations.

Aesthetic medicine can be an ideal introduction to some of the more serious surgical procedures or recommended after them as a supplement.

Aplikacija filera

Aesthetic medicine - a selection of techniques

  • Dermal fillers (products that are designed to remove imperfections on the face. They compensate for the lack of volume or emphasize certain details)
  • Neuromodulators (treatment of wrinkles on the face, the most popular treatment to improve facial texture, gives a refreshed and relaxing look to the face)
  • Aesthetic threads in skin lifting
  • Chemical peeling (for the most part, still the gold standard and one of the most effective treatment for healthy skin with uniform tone and pigmentation)
  • SkinPen (the most effective treatment in the group of microneedeling techniques)
  • Dermabrasion (removal of scars of different types, very effective therapy) as a addition to surgical revision of scars.
  • ZO Skin Medical Cosmetology
    (ZO® Skin Health individual programs – from comprehensive treatment to maintenance programs. Most important, we can use it regardless of age, gender, skin color, skin type or skin condition)
  • Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating
    (in essence, reducing this unpleasant phenomenon that can cause problems in difficult hygiene maintenance but also interfere with social contact)