Gender Affirmation Surgery

What is transgender surgery?

Surgical options


Gender affirming – transgender surgery is performed by a multidisciplinary team (plastic surgeon, head and neck plastic surgeon ). The goal of this surgery is to achieve the physical appearance and functionality of the genus to be obtained (which exists in a person).

A person who wants a woman to become a man is referred to as: Female to Male, FtM, ie a transgender/transsexual man. A person who wants to become a woman from a man is referred to as: Male to Female, MtF, ie a transgender/transsexual woman

Treatment of gender dysphoria improves quality of life in 80% of people with this disorder. It encompasses a multidisciplinary approach that includes psychological, social, medical (hormonal and operative) and legal procedures. The therapeutic procedures applied vary from person to person. For some, only one type of therapy is sufficient, while others require a combination of several procedures to eliminate gender dysphoria.


Surgical treatment as a treatment for gender dysphoria (gender-affirmative-transgender surgery) is one of the medical modalities that includes procedures on the breasts/breasts, procedures on the reproductive organs and aesthetic surgeries. In most cases, a person who decides to undergo a surgical transition does not undergo all of the above surgical procedures.

Facial feminization

  • The goal of facial feminization surgery is to achieve the transformation of facial masculine features into a more feminine appearance.

Transfemina breast surgery

  • The goal of transfeminine breast surgery is to increase the size and shape of the breasts to achieve a feminine breast appearance.

Facial masculinization

  • The goal of facial masculinization surgery is to achieve the transformation of feminine facial features into a more masculine appearance.

Transmasculine breast surgery

  • The goal of transmasculine breast surgery is to remove breast tissue (mastectomy) to achieve a masculine appearance of the breast.