At the Polyclinic, you can get a professional opinion (so-called “second opinion”) regarding a medical problem, if it is within the scope of the Polyclinic ‘s activities . All our associates, from their perspective and experience, can meet you with advice, suggestions or instructions for further action regarding a particular diagnosis or therapeutic procedure.

Option of second opinion is a common medical practice in developed countries. In some cases, it is even mandatory. For example, some institutions abroad have offices specializing in expert opinions and expertise. In some clinics, it is necessary to go through such a step in order to access surgery or some therapy. He gives his opinion to the specialist doctor based on the symptoms and the tests performed so far. In this way, we want to see whether the recommendation for a therapy or surgery is justified in terms of success, but also the cost-effectiveness of treatment.

Unfortunately, medical practice does not work that way everywhere, although it is interesting that the Patients’ Rights Act to some extent allows for other expert opinions and expertise.


According to some data, only 20 percent of patients decide to take this step. The reasons focus mainly around ignorance of patients and their rights and illnesses, but also in the fear of not confronting the doctor. The latter is not at all unjustified. Many doctors would take the fact that his patient sought a second opinion very personally. The judgment of another doctor is extremely important because it can confirm the correctness of our doctor’s decisions. It can show the opposite and provide a way to improve health by changing treatment and changing therapy.

Expert opinions and expertise may indicate that the diagnosis is wrong or insufficient given the specifics that each of us possesses. The importance of seeking a second opinion in some situations is indicated by the fact that in as many as 30 percent of cases it changes the originally made diagnosis.

So if you are not satisfied or simply want to hear a second opinion, you have the right to ask your GP for another referral for a specialist examination, whether you want to hear what another specialist thinks about your diagnosis and treatment, or you are not satisfied with the previous opinion.