Aesthetic implants

Why aesthetic implants?

Regions suitable for aesthetic implants – techniques




Aesthetic implants in head and neck plastic surgery serve to improve and strengthen facial contours and help create a harmonious balance of individual facial features. This emphasizes the contours of the face and leads to the improvement and greater harmony of certain areas of the head. Aesthetic implants are often recommended to younger people in order to achieve a better balance of interdependent regions of the face. For example, strengthening of the jaw line, chin or cheek area can be achieved. Today, there are different types of materials from which aesthetic implants are made.



We can freely say that a beautiful and harmonious facial profile mostly depends on the appearance of the nose and chin. Precisely this fact is the reason that the chin is most often corrected after a consultation for nose surgery, when the operator tries to achieve the most ideal profile. The chin can be corrected by inserting an aesthetic implant or by surgery to move the front segment of the bone (genioplasty). Submental liposuction is also considered as one of the auxiliary methods.

Chin surgery and placement of an aesthetic implant can be done through a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth, on the inside of the lower lip. Careful preparation of the soft frequent chin makes room for implant insertion. The aesthetic implant that is placed can be made of different materials, most often silicone. The surgeon selects the implant of the correct shape and shapes it according to the contours of the lower jaw (mandible), after careful measurement and photography.

Sutures removal 5 – 7. day. Immediately after the operation, there may be discomfort in the form of swelling and hematoma of the operated area, with difficulty laughing and speaking.


An aesthetic implant is placed in this region through an incision (cut) on the inside of the cheek on both sides. The methods of implant selection and surgical insertion technique are similar to those of chin implant placement. After the operation, measures are needed to maintain oral and dental hygiene.

Other facial regions

In some cases, the aesthetic implant is used for severe defects of the head, nasal profile or various anomalies of the ear.


It is very important to clarify all questions regarding the aesthetic implant (expectations, possibilities, final result, recovery). If your operator has planned to place the implant by access through an incision in the mouth, information about smoking habits, jaw or dental problems is important. General anesthesia is usually suggested, but there is a possibility of local anesthesia with sedation.

The aesthetic implant is selected and ordered individually for each patient, after a careful analysis of the face, measurement of dimensions and photography. Our Polyclinic most often uses the products of the U. S. company Implantech ®, but according to the indications and wishes, other quality products registered in Republic of Croatia are also available.

In many cases, implant placement can be combined with dermal fillers .


Of course, as in all surgical procedures, there is a possibility of complications when placing an aesthetic implant. For example, the implant can “slip” from the placed place and it is necessary to return it to its original position with a new operation. There is a possibility of infection in the area of the implant. Such cases are treated with antibiotics, and if there is no improvement, the implant needs to be removed and placed later, when the signs of inflammation subside. Most implants used today are made of silicone. At this time, there is no scientific evidence of the harmfulness of such use of silicone.